About Colon and Rectal Surgeons Online

Colon and Rectal Surgeons Online was originally developed as a platform to provide the public with the opportunity to learn about colorectal problems and treatments by speaking directly with a board certified colon and rectal specialist. The Coronavirus epidemic is having a profound impact on how medical services are delivered, and the use of telemedicine is expanding rapidly as a means to communicate with patients. Recent regulatory initiatives have accelerated this transformation.

It is predicted that the Coronavirus will infect a significant proportion of the U.S. population. Dr. Leiboff has enacted measures to protect both his patients and staff, which will allow him to provide colorectal surgical services in a safer way. This website has been re-engineered to accommodate that plan. Please refer to the "How it Works" webpage, via the link on the menu bar, to learn how to schedule a session to see the doctor.

Updated April 15, 2020